Application for a position at a day-care centre (children up to three years)

As an alternative to day-care centres, many municipalities offer childminding services (provided by female, and sometimes also male, day nannies) for parents requiring care for their baby or infant. If the municipal sponsor assigns the actual childminder, this person must hold a carer’s permit. This proof provides parents with the security of knowing that the carer and their home environment have been deemed suitable for child day-care.

Note: You can also search for a childminder without the community’s help. Municipal charges are only incurred if the childminder holds the official care permit and the child day-care centre is included in the so-called requirement plan.


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Responsible body

Jugendamt der Stadtverwaltung oder des Landratsamtes (youth welfare office)

Service details


  • Good physical and mental health
  • The child should be at least six months old.
  • In some municipalities, admission for full-day care requires proof that both parents work, are completing training, or that the family is in particular need of aid.


Arranged by the local non-governmental youth organisation

  • Have a childminder recommended by the municipality or the local non-governmental youth organisation (Youth Welfare Office).
  • Introduce yourself and your child to the childminder, see whether this type of care meets your requirements.
  • In the event of mutual agreement, conclude a child-care contract with the childminder. This will contain legal agreements, and govern daily care times etc.
  • Have your child examined by a paediatrician before he / she starts attending the centre, and ask for a medical certificate.
  • The childminder requires a certificate of health and immunisations.

Required documents

  • Medical certificate and proof of immunisations
  • If necessary, proof that both parents work, are completing training, or that aid is otherwise needed


  • Registrations generally six months prior to the desired start date for the care; registrations at short notice are possible if a place is available. Applications cannot be made prior to the child’s birth.
  • Some childminders also accept babies once the maternity period has passed (children over eight weeks). Registration is then performed by agreement.


Parent contribution in Saxony: comparable with the parent contribution for age-based day-care facilities, generally day-care centres ("Kinderkrippe"). The municipal or city council determines the exact amount in a statute.

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