Apply for cures for mothers and fathers

Medical preventive and rehabilitative cures for mothers and fathers

The compulsory health insurance providers grant insured persons preventive and rehabilitative cures if they are medically necessary. Mothers and fathers whose health is impaired or endangered by a multitude of demands and tasks can take a health cure - alone or with one or more children (mother/father-child cures).

The costs of the cure are covered by the health insurance provider. Your proprietary share amounts to EUR 10.00 per calendar day.

Tip: In addition to the health insurance providers, information about cures can also be obtained from the Müttergenesungswerk (Mothers' Convalescence Association) and the advice and placement offices of the welfare associations.

Domestic help during the cure

Insured persons get domestic help if they are unable to run the household due to a preventive or rehabilitative cure and a child under the age of 12 and/or a disabled child dependent on help lives in the household.

Please ask your health insurance provider for further information about the coverage of costs for domestic help.

Preventive cures for privately insured persons

If you have taken out private health insurance, the scope of reimbursement for a preventive medical cure depends on your personal insurance contract. For further information, please contact your insurance provider.

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Service details


  • Preventive and rehabilitative cures for mothers and fathers must be necessary for medical reasons.
  • You have to be insured with a compulsory health insurance provider.
  • If a child is also in need of a cure or cannot cope with a separation from the mother, the doctor can prescribe a mother-child cure.


  • You can obtain the application form for this benefit from your health insurance provider.
  • Submit the application together with a medical certificate to your health insurance provider.

Required documents

Medical certificate confirming the need for a cure

Legal basis

  • § 24 Fünftes Buch Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB V) – Medizinische Vorsorge für Mütter und Väter
  • § 41 SGB V – Medizinische Rehabilitation für Mütter und Väter

Release note

Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion. 17.06.2020