Apply for daily sickness allowance in private health insurance

In the event of illness, as an employee you will generally continue to be paid your salary for six weeks (in accordance with labor law regulations). After this period, if you are still unable to work and/or you are treated as an inpatient in a hospital or, for example, in a rehabilitation facility, you may be entitled to sickness benefit (according to the tariff you have chosen).

However, sickness benefit amounts to a maximum of 90 percent of your net pay, usually considerably less. To protect yourself against severe financial losses if you are unable to work for a longer period of time, you can take out private daily sickness allowance insurance, which then also pays daily sickness allowance during a contractually agreed period of illness.

Point of contact

  • Your private health insurance provider

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Service details


  • Contact the private insurance provider of your choice and ask for advice on the options for daily sickness allowance insurance. You can find out in advance about offers from various insurance providers on the Internet and compare them.
  • The duration of daily sickness allowance payments and the daily amount paid depend on the contract you made with your private health insurance provider. As a rule, different forms of insurance are offered with different premiums and benefits. Often, your compulsory insurance provider can name a cooperation partner.
Note: Read about the corresponding service in these pages to get information on sickness benefit payments in compulsory health insurance.

Release note

Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion. 17.06.2020