Breeding, keeping and trade with animals, apply for permission

Breeding, keeping of animals, trade with animals according to § 11 of the Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG).

You need a permit for the commercial handling of animals if you want to carry out the following activities commercially:

  • breeding, keeping or trading of vertebrates other than farm animals
  • Maintenance of a riding and driving business
  • Exhibition of animals
  • Control of vertebrates as pests 
  • vertebrates, which are not farm animals, for sale (tax against payment) to Germany
  • train dogs for third parties or instruct the training of dogs by pet owners

This permission is also required if you

  • Keep animals in a shelter or similar facility
  • Keeping and displaying animals in a zoological garden or other facility
  • train dogs for third parties, maintain facilities for this purpose or instruct the training of the dogs by the pet owner
  • bring or import vertebrate animals into the country for the purpose of supplying them against payment or consideration, or arrange for the supply of such animals against payment or consideration
  • conduct animal exchanges for the purpose of exchanging or selling animals by third parties

Note: You do not need the permission to keep farm animals.

Single point of contact

For this procedure you can use the service of the point of single contact. They will guide you through the procedure, take care of correspondence with all the offices responsible for your request and will be available to you as a competent advisor.

Onlineantrag und Formulare

Hinweis: Sobald Sie eine Postleitzahl oder einen Ort angegeben haben, können wir Ihnen an dieser Stelle den Onlineantrag und die Formulare der zuständigen Stelle anzeigen. Ort angeben

Zuständige Stelle

Food Inspection and Veterinary Office of the City Administration or the District Office

Hinweis: Sobald Sie eine Postleitzahl oder einen Ort angegeben haben, können wir Ihnen an dieser Stelle weitere Informationen zu der für Sie zuständigen Stelle anzeigen. Ort angeben
Warum soll ich einen Ort angeben?
Mit Hilfe der Ortsangabe können wir die für Sie passenden Informationen, Formulare, Dienste und Ihre zuständige Stelle anzeigen.
Welchen Ort soll ich angeben?
Zum Beispiel Ihren Wohnort, wenn Sie einen Reisepass beantragen wollen oder den Unternehmensstandort, wenn Sie ein Gewerbe anmelden möchten.

Service details


  • professional qualification or
  • Expertise in the area you want to operate commercially.


  • After you have submitted the application and all necessary documents to the Food Inspection and Veterinary Office, they will first be checked for completeness and your personal requirements.
  • Afterwards, an on-site appointment will be arranged with you to check the technical requirements.
  • If you meet all the requirements, you will then be sent the permit for the commercial handling of animals.

Required documents

  • Application for a permit according to § 11 TierSchG,
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • certified copy of the certificate of competence according to § 11 TierSchG
Tip: You can apply for the certificate of good conduct at the local registration office, from where it can be sent directly to the responsible Food Inspection and Veterinary Office.


Processing time: up to 4 months

Attention! You may only start the activity after you have been granted permission.


Processing fee: at least EUR 25.00 (EUR 14.40 per quarter hour or part thereof)

Release note

Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion. 11.05.2021