Certification of copies

Need a certified copy of your ID, diploma or a document? Official certification confirms that the copy matches the original.

The authorities and courts of the Free State of Saxony, as well as your local municipalities, administrative associations and districts, can officially certify copies. The following can be certified:

  • Copies of certificates issued by an authority
  • Copies of documents you need to present to an authority

Citizens’ offices or registry offices in many cities and municipalities offer certification services.



Enter your place of residence:

Responsible body

All authorities and courts of the Free State of Saxony as well as the municipal administration, e. g. the municipality

Service details


  • Copy the document to be certified.
  • Submit the copy and original to an authority near you (e.g. citizens’ office or registry office); you will also need your ID or passport for authentication purposes.
  • The official will check to make sure the copy and original match, and will confirm this with an attestation clause under the copy. This clause bears the seal and signature of the relevant official.

Required documents

  • Original and copy of the document to be certified
  • ID card or passport


  • EUR 0,50 per page commenced, with a minimum of EUR 5,00
  • For written documents not in German or Sorbian: EUR 1,00 per page commenced, with a minimum of EUR 5,00
  • For copies made by the authority itself: EUR 2,60 (any number of pages per certification), with a minimum of EUR 5,00

In the event of multiple copies of the same document, the fee can be reduced by as much as 50% for the second and any further copy.

Release note

Based on the German version authorized by Sächsisches Staatsministerium der Justiz