Civil servant in the Free State of Saxony, apply for recognition of a foreign professional qualification as a civil service career qualification

Application for the recognition of a foreign professional qualification as a civil service career qualification according to § 20 Saxon Civil Service Act (Sächsisches Beamtengesetz; SächsBG) in conjunction with §§ 12 ff. Saxon Career Regulation (Sächsische Laufbahnverordnung; SächsLVO)

Professional qualifications are qualifications that are proven by training certificates or relevant professional experience.

If you have acquired your professional qualification for a civil servant career in another EU member state, EEA treaty state or a state treated as equivalent by agreement, it can, upon application, be recognized as a civil service career qualification. The prerequisite is that the professional qualification does not differ substantially from the qualification required for civil service careers in the Free State of Saxony. If your professional qualification consists of work experience, there are further requirements.

You can compensate for significant differences up to a certain extent by taking an adaptation course or a qualification test. It may also be determined that you are only partially qualified for a civil service career, which means that you may only perform a part of the tasks usually associated with that civil service career.

You are entitled to a review to determine whether your professional qualification can be recognized as a civil service career qualification for one of the following subject areas and specializations in the Free State of Saxony:

  • Agricultural and forestry administration
    • Agricultural service
    • Forestry service
  • General administration
    • General administrative service
    • Archive service
    • Domestic intelligence service
    • Law enforcement service in deportation custody and detention centres for deportees
  • Police
    • Police law enforcement service
    • Cybercrime service
  • Fire department
  • Education and culture
    • Educational service
    • Cultural and scientific service
  • Health and social affairs
    • Social science service
    • Health service
    • Veterinary service
  • Justice
    • Judicial service
    • Prison service
  • Natural science and technology
    • Technical administration service
    • Natural science service
  • Financial and tax administration
    • Public finance management service
  • Tax administration service
Note: As a rule, the recognition of your professional qualification as a civil service career qualification is only required if you want to be appointed a civil servant.

The recognition of the professional qualification as a civil service career qualification does not establish a claim for employment. Recruitment will only occur, when budgetary requirements and those of civil service law (e.g. the age limit according to § 7 SächsBG may not be exceeded) are met. The suitability, qualification and professional performance of the applicants will also be taken into account.

Single Point of Contact

For this procedure you can use the service of the Single Point of Contact (Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner). They will guide you through the procedure, take care of correspondence with all the offices responsible for your request and will be available to you as a competent advisor.

Points of contact

The Saxon State Ministries, according to the sought civil service careers in the respective fields:

Dienstrecht - zuständige Stellen
Sächsisches Staatsministerium des Innern

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Service details

Detailed information

Telephone support on recognition in German and English: Hotline "Working and living in Germany" ( Arbeiten und Leben in Deutschland), Phone: +49 30 1815-1111

Personal consultation on site in Saxony:

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Requirements for a career as a civil servant

  • As a rule, you have to be a national of
    • the Federal Republic of Germany,
    • another member state of the EU,
    • another member state of the EEA, or
    • a third country that has made an agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU, granting it a corresponding entitlement to recognition of professional qualifications, e.g. Switzerland,
  • you have to guarantee that you will always advocate for a free democratic basic order according to the German Basic Law (Grundgesetz),
  • you have to be personally suitable (especially with regard to health and character),
  • as a rule, you must be less than 42 years old,
  • you have to hold a career qualification and
  • you will be subjected to a selection process according to merit (suitability, qualification and professional performance)

Certain tasks (core sovereign activities) require that only nationals of the Federal Republic of Germany may be appointed to the civil service.


Submit an informal written application for recognition of your professional qualifications as a civil service career qualification to the office responsible for your area of specialization (see "Contact points" above). You can submit the application and the required documents in person, by post or by electronically signed email.

  • As soon as your application documents are complete, the responsible office will examine them and, if necessary, request further documents.
  • The examination is carried out according to defined formal criteria (especially the subjects and duration of the training). Your professional experience will be taken into account as well as other relevant qualifications (especially further education and training).
  • You will receive written notification of the result of the examination. If significant differences in professional qualifications are found, this notification will also contain information on what these differences are and how they can be compensated for.

Required documents

  • Proof of identity
  • Evidence of training from the state in which the professional qualification was acquired
  • Certificates of the duration and nature of professional activities relevant to the sought civil service career
  • A certificate from the country of origin stating to which civil service career the formal qualifications entitle the holder
  • Proof of the subjects covered by professional training or a course of study and the duration of training for the professional qualification
    (These documents must have been issued by the responsible authority of the state in which the professional qualification was obtained, in accordance with the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of that state)

Additional documents

  • Declaration on which type of work in public administration is sought on the basis of the training certificates
  • Declaration as to whether and, if so, with what result the applicant has submitted a corresponding application to the Federal Government or to another State of the Federal Republic of Germany, has completed an adaptation course or has passed a qualification test
  • Declaration on whether recognition has been refused at an earlier date
  • Declaration on the civil service career for which recognition is sought
Note: Translations of foreign language documents into German are required. In justified cases, you may be required to submit a translation made by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter or translator in the original or as a certified copy within a reasonable period of time. Publicly appointed and sworn interpreters and translators can be found, for example, in the interpreter and translator databases of the German federal and state governments.


  • Administrative fee: a minimum of EUR 10.00 (depending on the amount of work involved and the significance – including the economic value – the recognition of equivalence has for the applicant)
  • Expenses, if applicable (e.g. for certifications, notarizations, translations or expert opinions)

The office responsible for the recognition will provide you with further details.

Processing time

  • Acknowledgement of receipt within 1 month after receipt of application.
  • Decision: a maximum of 4 months after receipt of the complete application by the responsible office

A request for the submission of originals, certified copies or other suitable documents to prove authenticity or accuracy of documents included in the application does not break the course of this deadline.


Electronic signature - how can I sign electronically?

A qualified electronic signature is required to fulfill the signature requirement when submitting applications electronically. This is the only way to ensure that the identity of the sender can be safely established.

Your application and the necessary declarations require your handwritten signature. According to German law, your application form must include a qualified electronic signature to be considered signed. You will need suitable software for this. Electronic signatures can be purchased from:

  • Trusted service providers (according to the directory of the Federal Network Agency) or
  • the German Federal Printing Office (Bundesdruckerei), for citizens with a new identity card/nPA or electronic residence permit.

Legal basis

Release note

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