Elementary school, registration

If your child is of compulsory school age, you must register him or her at the elementary school the year before enrollment.

School registration marks the beginning of the school entrance phase, in which kindergarten children are specifically prepared for school. A medical examination (school entrance examination) is required with registration for elementary school. This is carried out by a youth physician from the public health service. You will receive the appointment at the elementary school registration or directly from the public health service.

Elementary School District

Each public elementary school has a school district. All children who live in this district must attend this elementary school. As a rule, the school district corresponds to the municipal area.

If there are several elementary schools in a municipality or city, the municipalities and cities may divide their territory into several school districts or leave the schools in a common school district so that there is free choice of school.

To find out which elementary school is designated for your residence, contact your local or city government.


Under certain conditions, an exception to the school district is possible, so that another elementary school can be attended.

Independent schools

In addition to the public elementary schools, there are also numerous independent elementary schools (private schools). These do not have a defined school district.

Point of Contact

Elementary school in whose school district you live:

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  Sächsische Schuldatenbank

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Service details


  • Your child must be of compulsory school age for the school year beginning on 01.08.. This is the case if he or she has his or her sixth birthday in the period from 01.07. of the previous year to 30.06. of the year of enrollment.
  • Children who have reached the age of six by 30.09. of the year of enrollment are also considered to be of compulsory school age. They can also be registered.


Children are registered at the elementary school by their parents.

Note: This task must be performed jointly by both parents, provided they have joint custody. If one of the partners is unable to attend, a power of attorney and a copy of the absent person's ID must be presented.

The schools organize the registration process themselves. You will usually receive more detailed information with the announcement of the registration dates in May of the year before school enrollment.

Required documents

  • Presentation of the birth certificate or an appropriate proof of the child's identity

The following data are processed during registration:

  • Surname and first name of the parents and the child
  • Date and place of birth of the child
  • Gender of the child
  • Address of parents and child
  • Phone number, emergency address
  • Nationality of the child (with the consent of the parents)
  • Religious affiliation of the child
  • Type and degree of disability and chronic illnesses, insofar as they are relevant to school attendance (with the consent of the parents)
  • Whether a daycare center is attended in the year prior to school enrollment
  • Declaration on custody, in the case of sole custody of one parent, this must be proven
  • Declaration of the parents on the child's bilingualism or multilingualism, if the child's language of origin is not or not exclusively German (with the parents' consent) 


Registration dates will be announced differently.

Some elementary schools send invitations to parents whose children live in their school district. In other communities and cities, the dates are announced by a public notice or in the newspaper. If in doubt, please contact the elementary school in person.



For information on the costs of attending an independent school, please contact the school in question.

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