Engaging the Single Point of Contact

If you want to establish yourself as a service provider in Saxony, to render your services transnationally as an EU citizen or you want the recognition of your professional qualifications, you can either undertake the necessary administration processes with the relevant authority, or get in touch with the Single Point of Contact. This acts as a middle man between you and the competent authority, helping with all processes and formalities, for example applications, approvals and registrations which are necessary in order to both start up and render the service.

Tip: Local applicants, i.e. German citizens wishing to render a service in Germany, can also use the Single Point of Contact.

The Single Point of Contact performs the following tasks:

  • Providing information for the service providers, for example on the documents necessary for approval, deadlines
  • Providing necessary forms and documents
  • Receiving applications and documents, and forwarding these to the relevant authorities
  • Receiving decisions and other answers from the authorities, and passing these onto the service providers

If you carry out the process through the Single Point of Contact, you benefit from having a clear overview of all the necessary steps to be taken, and receiving support throughout the entire process. However, the Single Point of Contact cannot make rulings on case facts itself; it only acts as a central mediator, similar to a broker.

Note: Any appeal proceedings following the approval process (for example submission of complaints or objections to the authorities’ decisions) cannot be handled by the Single Point of Contact.


Bitte geben Sie in das Suchfeld die PLZ oder den Namen z.B. Ihres Hauptwohnsitzes, Betriebssitzes oder Ortes der Niederlassung ein. Für diesen Ort liefert Amt24 genau die Informationen und Anlaufstellen, die Sie brauchen.

Service details


Get in touch with the Single Point of Contact by telephone, in writing or by email. In the case of the latter, send your message to the following address:


Information and advice are free. If the Single Point of Contact also co-ordinates the necessary administrative processes and formalities, i.e. acts as a “process manager”, this incurs a charge.

The fee is EUR 11.50 per quarter-hour commenced, but no more than the total charges for all processes co-ordinated.

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