Engineers (foreign countries), lead professional title

Authorization to use the professional title "Ingenieur / Ingenieurin" by persons with foreign professional qualification according to § 34 Sächsisches Ingenieurgesetz (SächsIngG)

If you have a foreign professional qualification, you have the right to use the professional title "Ingenieur / Ingenieurin" in the Free State of Saxony if you are registered in the special register of the Chamber of Engineers of Saxony.

Note: Registration is not required if you are already entitled to use the professional title under the law of another federal state.

Registration in the directory is not associated with compulsory membership in the Saxony Chamber of Engineers. There are no professional obligations.

You will be entered in this directory if you have a training certificate or professional qualification that has been recognized by the Saxony Chamber of Engineers as equivalent to the requirements for the domestic professional qualification.

Attention! If you use the above professional titles without authorization, the Saxony Chamber of Engineers is authorized to prohibit you from doing so. The unauthorized use of the professional title is an administrative offense that can be punished with a fine.


  • If you have an academic title (e.g. Dipl.-Ing, Bachelor, Master, etc.), you are entitled to use this title regardless of whether you use the above-mentioned job title.
  • In the case of an academic title based on a foreign educational designation, use the title in the language of the Member State of origin, adding the name and location of the educational institution or examining board that awarded the educational designation.

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The requirements differ depending on whether the foreign training certificate/professional qualification was acquired within the European Union or these member states or a state equivalent to this or a third country.

You will be entered in the register at the Chamber of Engineers of Saxony if you have one of the following certificates:

  • foreign proof of education that has been recognized as equivalent by the Saxony Chamber of Engineers (determination of equivalence)


  • foreign training certificate / foreign professional qualification entitling the holder to take up and exercise the profession of engineer in an EU member state or a state equated to this by agreement
  • Determination by the Saxony Chamber of Engineers that in certain points there are no significant differences from the registration requirements set by law


  • Proof of professional practice as an engineer in one or more member states of the European Union or equivalent states.
    • for 1 year or
    • during a corresponding total period in part-time during the preceding 10 years.

In doing so, the activity must not be regulated in this state or these states and the Chamber of Engineers Saxony must have verified that in certain points there are no essential differences to the legally defined registration requirements.


  • Submit a written request with required documentation to the appropriate office.
  • The Saxony Chamber of Engineers will confirm receipt of the documents within one month of receipt of the application and, if necessary, inform you which documents are missing.
  • After registration you will receive a certificate, which also entitles you to use the above-mentioned professional title..
Tip: You can also find out how and where to have your foreign professional qualification recognized in the section "Working in Germany".

Required documents

  • written application for registration
  • Proof of identity (original or certified copy)

in case of proof of education / professional qualification from an EU member state or a state equivalent to this (additionally)

regulated professions:

  • Proof of training (original or certified copy)
  • non-regulated professions: - Proof of legal establishment in one of these states (single copy).
  • Proof that this profession has been exercised full-time for 1 year or for an equivalent total period part-time during the preceding 10 years in one of the above-mentioned states (single copy)
  • Proof of education (original or certified copy)

in the case of proof of education from a third country (additional):

    • Proof of training(original or certified copy)
    • Explanation of whether an application for a determination of equivalence has already been submitted, and if so, to which body and with what result.
  • Educational certificates and proofs of professional experience that are not written in German must be accompanied by a translation in German. Only publicly appointed or sworn interpreters or translators are authorized to translate.
  • In individual cases, the competent body may require further documents or translations in German.


for the registration: EUR 360.00 (one-time)

Processing time

Duration of the procedure: up to 3 months after submission of the complete documents (in justified exceptional cases up to a maximum of 4 months)

Release note

Saxon State Ministry of the Interior. 08.02.2019