Entry of an EU citizen onto the electoral roll (EU elections)

If you are an EU citizen eligible to vote, you will only be entered onto the electoral roll at your request. If you were entered into a federal electoral roll at your request for the EU election of 1999-06-13 or later, you do not need to request entry onto the electoral roll of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Note: You can only vote in one member state for each EU election. For this reason, you must declare on your application that you will only exercise your active voting right in the Federal Republic of Germany.



Enter your place of residence:

Responsible body

Gemeinde- oder Stadtverwaltung (municipal authority or city council)

Service details


  • You are eligible to vote.
  • You have not yet been entered onto the electoral roll of your local ocity or municipal authority.


  • Obtain the officially stipulated form.
  • Complete the form and sign it personally.
  • Send the application to the competent city or municipal administration.

Aided application

If you cannot read, or are not able to complete and submit the request form and affidavit yourself because of a physical impediment, you can ask for someone else to help you. This assistant must also sign the request form and affidavit, and must be at least 16 years of age.

Required documents

The form "Antrag für die Eintragung in das Wählerverzeichnis" (application for entry onto the electoral roll) with completion information is available on the Federal Returning Officer’s portal before the election.

The forms are also available from your city and municipal administrations prior to the election.


You should lodge the application for entry onto the electoral roll as early as possible – it must be received by your competent city or municipal administration by no later than 21 days prior to the election.


If you move within the Federal Republic of Germany after lodging the request, your previous residential municipality makes a decision and immediately informs your new municipality of its verdict.

Legal basis

Release note

Based on the German version authorized by Sächsisches Staatsministerium des Innern; mandatory information on certain procedures and processes can be obtained from the state election supervisor or Federal Returning Officer. 17.11.2017