Europass Mobility

The "Europass Mobility" is relevant to all those wishing to complete a training course abroad.

It records all stays abroad in which learning played a major role: e.g. vocational training / education, internships and student exchange programmes. The pass thus provides an overview of the international experience gained. The dispatching and recipient organisations record the details of the stay, particularly the duration and content taught.

The "Europass Mobility" is no longer only aimed at young people completing further education and training, but rather at anyone completing a training course abroad, i.e. high-school students, university students, and adults. It replaced the "Europass vocational training" in 2005 in this context.

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The "Europass Mobility" is valid in the European Union (EU states) and European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein – EEA states). The stay abroad must take place in one of these countries in order to be registered in the "Europass Mobility".

For stays abroad as part of community programmes Turkey and Switzerland also apply.

The following quality criteria must be met:

  • Written agreement between the dispatching establishment and the host organisation regarding content, aims and duration of the training course in other European countries
  • Appropriate linguistic preparation for the persons due to be sent abroad for a training course
  • Support by a mentor abroad
  • Remaining within the geographic territory:
    • participants in community programmes: EU member states, EEA states (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), Turkey, Switzerland
    • individual postings: EU member states, EEA states (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)
Note: These quality criteria are met through approved measures and projects conducted as part of EU community programmes or nationally funded bilateral programmes (DFJW, DFS, BAND, Training Bridge, GjØr Det).


The educational establishment or company in the country of origin usually looks for a host establishment abroad. Both partners agree on the content, duration and other conditions, and declare their willingness to confirm the qualification acquired abroad in the "Europass Mobility".

The "Europass Mobility" must be applied for by the dispatching establishment (company or educational institution) in the country of origin. This can be done online.

Apart from the German National Europass Centre, there is a series of other issuing centres. For example the Paedagogical Exchange Service (PAD) attends to the school side, while the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) attends to the university side. All chambers of commerce and industry, and all chambers of trades and crafts, are also issuing centres.


The "Europass Mobility" can be applied for no earlier than ten weeks prior to commencement of the stay abroad.

Release note

Based on the German version authorized by Sächsische Staatskanzlei, with the friendly support of the German National Europass Centre