Medical examination, applying for admission

The study of medicine includes a state examination. Proof of passing the second section of the medical examination is a prerequisite for licensure as a physician. Admission to the examination in Saxony is granted upon application by the state directorate.

The medical training includes

  • a study of medicine of six years at a university or equivalent institution of higher education, which includes a continuous practical training (practical year) of 48 weeks;
  • a first aid training;
  • a nursing service of three months,
  • a clinical traineeship of four months;
  • the medical examination, which must be taken in two sections.

The standard period of study, including the examination period for the Second Section of the Medical Examination, is six years and three months.

The First Section of the Medical Examination is taken after two years of medical studies.

The Second Section of the Medical Examination shall be taken after four years of study in medicine, including a practical year after passing the First Section of the Medical Examination.

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You must register in writing for the medical examination. Use the prescribed forms in each case. Submit your application with the required documents to the State Examination Office.

Required documents

You must enclose with your registration, among other things:

  • the birth certificate, in the case of married persons or registered partners also the marriage / civil partnership certificate
  • proof of higher education entrance qualification (university entrance qualification); in the case of certificates obtained abroad, also the recognition notice from the competent authority
  • the study record book or corresponding proof of the periods of study
  • certificate of attendance at training events (original)

Further documents are listed in the application forms.


  • Registration deadline: 10.01 / 10.06.
  • Exams:
  1. section: March and August
  2. section: April and October
  3. section: May/June and November/December

The Saxon State Examination Office for Academic Health Professions publishes the exact examination dates on the Internet every six months.

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