Pension note

The pension note, which you can request from your pension insurance institution, informs you of the amount of your pension rights. These depend on your insurance history, which is a list of all data stored in your insurance account. This includes all work time, remuneration received, contributions paid, and other pension-related facts.

The pension note must not be confused with the pension information. As an insured party, you will receive this automatically if you are 27 years of age. The pension information also includes an estimate of the pension amount for further payments.


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Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Pension Insurance Authority)

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You can request a pension note at any time. Once you turn 55, you will receive a pension note automatically every three years.


It is in your interests to help clarify your insurance history as quickly as possible so your entire CV is reflected in the insurance account held at your pension insurance institution.

At the latest, you will receive the latest stored insurance history and a request for account clarification when you request a pension note and your insurance account has not been fully clarified. This request form is available from one of the information centres run by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Pension Insurance Authority), or on the pension insurance institutions’ websites.

You can request the information, and, if necessary, also the application online from the German Pension Insurance Authority. You only need to enter your insurance number for this.

For data protection reasons, the information on your requests is only provided in writing, and will be sent to the address on record at the legal pension insurance institution.

Note: Whenever you contact the pension insurance institution, whether in writing, by telephone or online, you should always provide your insurance number. This is the only way to ensure your customer service officer can process your insurance case as quickly as possible.

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