Request International Birth Certificate

Application for issuance of multilingual excerpts from civil status records, international birth certificate according to the Convention of 08.09.1976

You need an international birth certificate for proof abroad? You can apply for such a multilingual extract from the birth register in person, in writing or by fax at the registry office of your place of birth.

This document is valid in all countries that have joined the Convention of 08.09.1976 on the issuance of multilingual extracts from civil status records.

Note: If you need to obtain a birth certificate from another country, please contact the respective German mission abroad. Please read the information provided by the German Foreign Office:

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Zuständige Stelle

Registry office of the municipality or city administration

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Service details


The personal data of the civil status registers are subject to data protection regulations. Register extracts can therefore only be issued

  • for persons to whom the entry refers
    and for their
  • spouses,
  • civil partners (within the meaning of the LPartG),
  • ancestors and descendants (such as children and grandchildren),
  • brothers and sisters,

if they demonstrate a legitimate interest.

Other persons, i.e. also closer relatives such as aunts and uncles, only receive a deed if they can credibly demonstrate a legal interest (examples: Letter from the probate court, court judgment or enforceable title).

Note: Applicants must be at least 16 years old.


Personal application

  • Go to the registry office that registered the birth.
  • For legitimation, present your identity card or passport.
  • You usually pay the fee in advance when you apply at the registry office.

A person you trust can apply for and collect the certificate on your behalf. Your representative will present his or her own identity card or passport (original or certified copy) in addition to a written power of attorney.

Application by mail or fax

Send an informal letter to the relevant registry office requesting that an international birth certificate be issued to you. Depending on what the city or municipality offers, you can also find application forms on the Internet.

  • Your letter must contain the following information:
    - Name, first name
    - Date and place of birth
    - Surname, first name of parents
    - if known: Registry office and registration number
  • Please enclose a certified copy of your identity card or passport with the letter.
  • When the certificate is sent to you, you will receive a notification of the fee.

Depending on the offer of the city or municipality, you can also submit the application online.

Required documents

  • Identity card or passport (in case of written application: certified copy)
  • In case of application / collection by representative: written power of attorney of the authorized person, their ID (original or certified copy and their own ID card.
  • Proof of legal interest, if applicable


Civil status records are kept in the records office only for a limited period of time:

  • Birth books: 110 years
  • Marriage registers: 80 years
  • Civil partnership books: 80 years
  • Death books: 30 years

After expiry of the deadline, the civil status records are handed over to the municipal or city archives. Requests for documents that are in the archive are automatically forwarded there. There is no notification of delivery.


  • first copy: EUR 10.00
  • if additional copies are requested at the same time: EUR 5.00 each


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