Request ballot paper

If you cannot make it to your designated polling station on the election day, the city or municipal administration will issue you with a ballot paper, upon request. This is annotated accordingly on the electoral roll.

The ballot paper allows you to submit your vote at any polling station within your electorate (European elections: your district / independent municipality) or via a postal vote.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities who have been designated an inaccessible polling station can take a ballot paper to a different, wheelchair-friendly polling station in their electorate (European elections: your district / independent municipality) – please ask the city or municipal administration for the address.



Enter your main place of residence:

Responsible body

City or municipal administration

Service details


  • You are entitled to vote in the relevant election.
  • You are entered onto the electoral roll.
  • You have received the election notice.
Note: If, by three weeks prior to the election, you have not received an election notice, but believe you are entitled to vote, you may not be entered onto the electoral roll – contact the city or municipal administration immediately.


You can request your ballot paper as follows:

  • Visit the city or municipal administration in person.
  • Lodge a written request (also possible by fax) – where possible, use the form on the back of the election notice.
  • You can request the ballot paper electronically if your municipality offers this service (online request, email).
  • You ask for a proxy, with your written power of attorney, to request the ballot paper on your behalf.

The city or municipal administration will post the ballot paper out to you, or you can collect it in person. If you wish to use the postal vote service, request the documents at the same time as the ballot paper.

Note: Requests by telephone are not possible.

Required documents

  • Request (where possible using the election notice form) with your details on
    • Family names and first names
    • Exact home address
    • Date of birth
  • If applicable: written power of attorney for your proxy


Request for the ballot paper / postal vote documents:

  • at the earliest after the receipt of the election notice (the latest 21 days prior to the election)
  • at the latest until two days prior to the election (European elections and federal elections by 6:00 pm, other elections by 4:00 pm).
Note: If you suddenly fall ill, the ballot paper request can also be lodged on the day of election (state elections by 1:00 pm, other elections by 3:00 pm).

Legal basis

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Based on the German version authorized by Sächsisches Staatsministerium des Innern; mandatory information on certain procedures and processes can be obtained from the state election supervisor