Resident parking permit

In some residential areas, particularly in larger cities, parking permanently or at certain times is only allowed with a special authorisation – the resident parking permit. This system gives preference to residents rather than other drivers when it comes to parking spots. The resident parking permit does not, however, guarantee a parking bay.

Note: Disabled parking bays are exempted from the resident parking regulation.



Enter your place of residence:

Responsible body

Gemeinde- oder Stadtverwaltung (city or municipal authority)

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You must have registered your place of residence, and actually live in the resident parking district. The vehicle must be registered in your name or be permanently used by you. If you are using a vehicle not registered in your name, confirmation from the vehicle owner is required, stating that the vehicle has been granted to you for permanent usage.

The issuing of a permit by the city or municipal councils may be made subject to other requirements (e.g. main place of residence, lack of garage). In cases of doubt, you should therefore enquire about the local requirements with the centre competent for your area.


Due to the documents which must be submitted, it is generally best if you request the resident parking permit in person from your city or municipal council.

However, some cities also enable you to submit a written or even electronic application. In these cases, the parking permit will be sent out to you. If you wish to select one of these methods, first ask your city council which documents need to be sent.

Required documents

  • Driver's licence
  • Motor vehicle registration certificate, Section I (registration document)
  • valid ID card or passport with current certificate of registration
  • If necessary, a confirmation from the vehicle owner if the application is not lodged by this person


Depending on administrative expense: between EUR 10.20 and EUR 30.70

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