Social insurance, employee registration

Mandatory notifications by the employer and their forwarding according to § 28 ff. Fourth Book of the Social Security Code/SGB IV

If you hire employees, you must register them for social insurance at the beginning of each employment relationship.

The compulsory health insurance providers (collection agencies) are responsible for collecting the total amount of social security contributions and forwarding it to the responsible offices. This also applies to employees with voluntary health and long term care insurance.

For marginally employed persons, collecting and forwarding is the responsibility of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See (German Pension Insurance Fund Knappschaft-Bahn-See) as the pension insurance provider.

Both employee and employer pay a share of social security contributions.

Registration for social insurance includes:

  • Health insurance
  • Long term care insurance
  • Pension insurance
  • Unemployment insurance

The registration must be made in particular for employees who are legally obliged to take out health insurance, long term care insurance and pension insurance.

Note: Please note that you must also register marginally employed persons who do not have to pay social security contributions. This also applies, for example, to short-term employees who work for you for a maximum of 2 months or 50 working days per year.

Point of contact

The notification is made by the employer to the employee's health insurance provider.

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Service details


Certified payroll accounting software

The following are required for reporting to social insurance and for proof of contributions:

  • Automated, software-based payroll accounting
  • or certified filling in aids.

The payroll accounting software must be approved by the IT service center of the compulsory health insurance providers (ITSG).

Electronic transmission

In addition to remote data transmission (RDT), the Internet is increasingly being used as a transmission channel to the collection agency. Data may only be transmitted encrypted.

For the transmission you need:

  • Your company ID
  • Internet connection, email
  • Certificate for encrypted data transmission (application at the ITSG Trust Center)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader software to print out the receipts as proof of payment on the site "Sozialversicherung im Internet" (Social Insurance on the Internet)

Secure data exchange via sv-net

To make electronic data transfer via the Internet easier, the health insurance providers have developed the software sv-net (Social Insurance on the Internet) in cooperation with the IT service center of the compulsory health insurance providers (ITSG)

Attention: The software does not calculate remuneration or social security and tax contributions, nor does it replace payroll accounting software or filling in aids.


Register the employee with the social insurance as soon as he or she starts working in your company.

  • Prepare the declarations and contribution statements using approved payroll accounting software or an appropriate filling in aid.
  • Transmit the data to the responsible health insurance provider via remote data transmission, Internet or email.
  • Print out the receipts as proof. Please also provide your employee with a receipt of the annual report for their records.

Required documents

The following information is required to register an employee with the social insurance agency:

  • Social security ID (assigned by the pension insurance fund)
  • Personal data of the employee, such as name and address
  • Reason for submission (for example, registration due to the beginning of employment or periods of employment)
  • Company ID of the employer, which you receive from the Federal Employment Agency
  • Company ID of the responsible collection agency/health insurance provider
  • Information on contribution class, type of employment and nationality
  • Certificate for encrypted data transmission
If the employee does not yet have a social security ID, this will be assigned automatically when he or she registers for social insurance for the first time.


Please note that you deduct the employee's share of the social security contribution from his or her gross salary. You transfer this amount together with your employer's contribution to the responsible collection agency at the end of each month.

Release note

Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion. 17.06.2020