Social workers / social pedagogues / remedial pedagogues / childhood pedagogues, applying for recognition.

Application for state recognition of professional qualifications in the fields of social work and therapeutic pedagogy

Vocational training in social work fields is linked to state recognition as a social worker, social pedagogue, childhood pedagogue or curative pedagogue. Graduates of a state or state-recognized university of applied sciences in Saxony or the Saxony University of Cooperative Education with a diploma or bachelor's degree in the fields of social work (for example, social work, social pedagogy) or therapeutic pedagogy receive state recognition upon application if the requirements are met.

State recognition entitles the holder to hold the corresponding professional title:

  • State-recognized social worker
  • state-recognized social pedagogue
  • state-recognized childhood educator
  • State-recognized curative educator or state-recognized curative educator

The state recognition granted in another federal state is equal to the state recognition under sächsischem law

Single Point of Contact

For this procedure, you can use the service of the Single Point of Contact (Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner). They will guide you through the administrative procedure, take care of correspondence with all the offices responsible for your request and will be available to you as a competent advisor.


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Service details


  • You have a diploma or a bachelor's degree in the fields of social work, childhood education or special education.
  • You have completed a professional internship which was concluded with a final colloquium and which comprised two practical study semesters if you obtained the diploma, or study-integrated or postgraduate internships of at least 100 days if you obtained the bachelor's degree. If you have obtained your diploma or bachelor's degree in a part-time course of study and can provide evidence of at least two years of corresponding work, the professional internship is not required.
  • You have the knowledge of the German language required to perform the job.
  • You have the reliability required for working in the intended profession.

in case of a foreign education in the fields of social work, curative education or childhood education:

  • Determination of the equivalence of your degree obtained abroad to a comparable training at a university of applied sciences or university of cooperative education in the Free State of Saxony.


First submit a written application for the determination of equivalence to the permanent office.

  • After your application documents have been examined, an expert opinion will be drawn up and you will receive an interim decision on the result of the examination.
  • If there are significant differences in the content of the training, it will be examined whether and to what extent your relevant professional experience compensates for these deficits in whole or in part.
  • If this is not the case, you may be required - at your discretion - to either successfully complete an adaptation course or successfully pass an aptitude test.
  • If all requirements are met, you submit a written application for state recognition of your professional qualification. This will be confirmed to you with a certificate.

Required documents

Please submit the original or an officially certified copy with your application:

in case of education at a University of Applied Sciences (FHS) in Saxony or the University of Cooperative Education Saxony (BA):

  • informal written application (with date and handwritten signature)
  • complete curriculum vitae in tabular form (with date and personal signature)
  • officially certified copy of the diploma and the certificate (BA) of the diploma or bachelor's degree in the fields of social work, childhood education or therapeutic pedagogy obtained at an FHS
  • officially certified proof of the professional internship (not required for BA)
  • officially certified proof of having passed the colloquium (not required for BA)
  • extended certificate of good conduct (FZ) of the document type "OE", stating the purpose of use "state recognition as ..." and the recipient authority" Landesdirektion Sachsen, Dienststelle Chemnitz, Referat 22, 09105 Chemnitz "  –> Application forms after location input ("regionalization")

for the determination of the equivalence:

  • written application (with date and handwritten signature)
  • certificate of the educational qualification
  • Diploma Supplement or corresponding proof of the teaching content (curricula) imparted in the foreign training program
  • Proof of the scope and content of internships during the course of studies
  • Proof of existing professional internships or periods of professional practice
  • complete curriculum vitae in German (with date and personal signature)
  • Proof of identity (identity card or passport)
  • if applicable: proof of change of name
  • Declaration as to whether and, if so, when and with what result you have already submitted a corresponding application, taken an aptitude test or completed an adaptation course
  • Proof of command of the German language at level B 2

for the granting of state recognition:

  • extended certificate of good conduct (FZ) of the document type "OE" stating the purpose of use "State recognition as ..." and the recipient authority "Landesdirektion Sachsen, Dienststelle Chemnitz, Referat 22, 09105 Chemnitz".  –> Application forms after location input ("regionalization")

If you, as the applicant, have not been permanently resident in the Federal Republic of Germany within the last 10 years, additionally: certificate of good conduct issued by the authority responsible for your main place of residence.

If this certificate is not issued within four months of application, the Saxony State Directorate may demand or accept a declaration in lieu of an oath regarding previous convictions.

Foreign language documents must be accompanied by an officially certified translation. The translation must have been done by a publicly appointed and sworn translator in Germany.



  • State recognition without obtaining an expert opinion: EUR 25.00 - 70.00
  • State recognition with obtaining an expert opinion: EUR 150.00 - 470.00 (if applicable, reduction in case of rejection of application)
  • Expenses for the service of the certificate: EUR 3.13

Processing time

Decision on the application: within 3 months after submission of the complete documentation.

Release note

Saxony State Directorate. 31.01.2019