Specialized veterinarian or additional designation, apply for recognition

In addition to their professional title, veterinarians may use other designations that indicate special knowledge and skills in a particular specialist field (specialist veterinary designation) or area (additional designation). The advanced training designations must be recognized by the State Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons.

Areas include

  • Anatomy,
  • epidemiology,
  • meat hygiene or
  • Small animal surgery.

Areas are for example

  • Dermatology,
  • homeopathy,
  • reptiles or dentistry.

The attainment and use of the continuing education designations is regulated in the continuing education regulations of the Saxon State Veterinary Medical Association (SLTÄK).

Foreign professional qualifications

If veterinarians from another member state of the European Union (EU), from the other contracting states of the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland have completed further training that does not comply with the provisions of the Saxon further training regulations, they can apply for recognition of their further training designation for the Free State of Saxony.

Single Point of Contact

For this procedure, you can use the service of the Single Point of Contact (Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner). They will guide you through the administrative procedure, take care of correspondence with all the offices responsible for your request and will be available to you as a competent advisor.

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Citizenship of an EU or EEA country or Switzerland.

In addition, one of the following requirements must be met:

  • Equivalent continuing education

As equivalent further education, the qualification acquired at the European and American Colleges as "Diplomate" is recognized upon presentation of the certificate and entitles the holder to use the corresponding further education title. Furthermore, the title of Diplomate may be used on an equal basis.

  • Principle of automatic recognition
  • Certain training certificates issued by EU or EEA countries or Switzerland that meet minimum requirements (such as training period and acquired knowledge) may be automatically recognized.
  • Continuing education in a third country already recognized in Europe
  • The continuing education certificate was issued in a third country (non-European state) and has already been recognized by another European state. This state additionally certifies at least three years of professional experience in the relevant continuing education in its territory.
  • Comparability with further education in Saxony
  • The further education does not show any essential differences in content compared to the further education in the Free State of Saxony.
  • The duration of the further training does not fall short of the further training duration prescribed in the Free State of Saxony by more than one year.

Note: If there are significant differences in content or if the duration of the continuing education falls short of the duration prescribed in Saxony by more than one year, it will be examined whether and to what extent your relevant professional experience compensates for these deficits in whole or in part. If this is not the case, you may be required - at your option - to either successfully complete an adaptation course or successfully pass an aptitude test.


You apply for recognition of your continuing education designation in writing using the prescribed form.

  • Submit the completed and signed application form together with the required documents to the competent body.
  • The competent body will confirm receipt of the application and, if necessary, inform you which documents are still missing.
  • After reviewing the submitted documents, you will receive a written notification of the decision.
  • If applicable, you will receive notification that you still need to complete an adaptation course or aptitude test in order to have your continuing education designation recognized.

Required documents

  • Application form
  • Proof of further education
  • Proof of citizenship
  • if German is not your native language: additional Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom of the Goethe Institute or an equivalent certificateIf applicable, a certificate of the duration and type of professional activities previously performed as a veterinarian in an EU or EEA country or in Switzerland
  • Evidence of the content of further training in the form of further training regulations, examination regulations or in another suitable manner, from which the study content and the duration of the completed further training to obtain the certificate of further training can be seen
  • Declaration as to whether and, if so, with what result you have submitted a corresponding application, taken an aptitude test or completed an adaptation course in another country of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Note: Foreign language documents must be accompanied by an officially certified translation. The translation must have been done by a publicly appointed and sworn translator in Germany.

If necessary for the decision on the equivalence of the diploma, you may be required to provide further proof (for example, that you have not committed any criminal offences, that you are not in bankruptcy, that you are physically and mentally healthy).


Acknowledgement of receipt: no later than 1 month after application submission


Recognition: Frame fee from EUR 50,00 - EUR 400,00

Processing time

  • automatic recognition, further education in a third country already recognized in Europe: 3 months from submission of complete documents
  • Equivalent further training, comparability with further training in Saxony: 4 months from presentation of the complete documents.

Legal basis

Release note

Saxon State Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons. 07.06.2016