Teachers (abroad), apply for recognition

Qualifications for teachers from abroad, applying for recognition

You have a legal right to an examination of the equivalence of your professional qualifications acquired abroad if you have successfully completed a teacher training course abroad and wish to work as a teacher in the Free State of Saxony.

Upon your application, the equivalence with a certificate of qualification for the teaching profession at general elementary schools, secondary schools, grammar schools, special schools and / or vocational schools will be examined and a written notice issued. Since the teaching profession is regulated, you need the recognition to be able to teach permanently at a state school or at an approved and recognized independent school in the Free State of Saxony. Please note that if German is not your native language, you may be required to present the Goethe Certificate C1 in order to practice the profession.

The provisions of the Act on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications for Teachers from Abroad (BefäAnG Lehrer) apply.

Single Point of Contact

For this procedure, you can use the service of the Single Point of Contact (Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner). They will guide you through the administrative procedure, take care of correspondence with all the offices responsible for your request and will be available to you as a competent advisor.

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Zuständige Stelle

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Service details

Detailed information

Telephone advice on recognition in German and English: "Working and Living in Germany" hotline : +49 30 1815-1111

Formular: –> Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner, Beauftragung – Antrag

Postfach für elektronisch verschlüsselte und signierte E-Mails:


You can apply for an examination of equivalence or recognition of your professional qualification acquired abroad if you wish to work as a teacher in the Free State of Saxony.

Note: The requirements for recognition are very complex and depend on the individual case. Take advantage of a prior consultation with the staff of the Information and Advisory Service Labor Market Saxony (IBAS) or directly at the State Office for School and Education, Dresden location, Großenhainer Straße 92, 01127 Dresden. The consultations are free of charge and confidential.


You apply for the recognition and evaluation of your foreign teacher qualification with the provided forms at the State Office for Schools and Education ("Zuständige Stelle").

You can submit your application and documents in writing, electronically or in person. Your application will be processed when all required documents have been received.

The competent body is authorized to verify your professional qualification information and to request originals or certified copies of your documents.

  • In the subsequent assessment procedure, a decision is made on the equivalence of your qualification. This review is based on defined formal criteria, especially the content and duration of the training.
  • Your relevant professional experience will be taken into account as well as other relevant qualifications, e.g. advanced and further training.
  • You will receive written notification of the result within 4 months. This also contains information about which qualifications you may be lacking for full recognition and how you can compensate for them.
  • If significant deficiencies in subject-specific knowledge, subject-specific didactics, educational science or school practice are identified in the course of the recognition procedure, compensatory measures (adaptation course or aptitude test) may be recommended.
  • After a successfully completed compensation measure, you can receive full credit.

Required documents

  • Application form, filled in completely
  • signed declaration whether and, if so, with what result a corresponding application has been made, an aptitude test taken or an adaptation course completed in another federal state of the Federal Republic of Germany (attachment to the application form)
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form with contact details and signature

In officially certified copy:

  • Education certificates or graduation documents that document the professional qualification (study certificate, e.g. Master's degree, Bachelor's degree, Diplom, Magister, etc.)
  • German translation of the training certificates or final documents
  • Proof of the contents of the studies and training (Diploma Supplement, Academic Transcript; or list of subjects and grades, e.g. in the form of a study book, study regulations, examination regulations or in another suitable way, showing the contents of the studies and the duration of the training completed to obtain the training certificate, in officially certified copies
  • German translation of the Diploma Supplement
  • Certificates of the duration and nature of professional activities as a teacher previously performed abroad and in Germany (e.g. certificate of employment, service report, workbook with details of the school, type of school, subjects taught and grades
  • German translations of the proofs of work
  • Proof of identity, e.g. identity card, passport or proof of residence (in case of name change additionally: marriage certificate or certificate of name keeping)

Electronic submission

You can easily submit your documents electronically if you have acquired your professional qualification in a member state of the EU, a contracting state of the EEA or Switzerland or if it has already been recognized in one of these states. In justified cases, the State Office for Schools and Education may subsequently request the submission of the certified copies or originals.

For qualification certificates from all other states, the submission of certified copies is always required.


Translations must be made by a publicly appointed and sworn interpreter or translator.


  • Application deadline: none 
  • Free of charge for persons entitled under the Federal Expellees Act: 3 years from the date of permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Objection / legal action: within 1 month after notification of the decision.(Details in the instructions on appealing the decision)


  • Procedural fee: EUR 150.00 - 500.00 (depending on expenses)
  • if applicable: costs for expenses (e.g. for certifications, authentications, translations or expert opinions)
  • for beneficiaries under the Federal Expellees Act: none

Processing time

up to 4 months from submission of the complete documents

It may take longer to receive the final decision if additional documents are required to establish equivalence or if you have to complete an adaptation measure.


Electronic signature / signature - how can I sign electronically?

A qualified electronic signature is required in order to fulfill the signature requirement for electronic applications. This is the only way to ensure that the sender's identity can be reliably established.

Your application and the necessary declarations require your handwritten signature. According to German law, your application form must have a qualified electronic signature in order to be considered signed. You will need an appropriate program for this. You can purchase electronic signatures from:

  • Trust service providers (according to the directory of the Federal Network Agency) or
  • of the Bundesdruckerei (for citizens with new identity card/nPA or electronic residence permit)

Use only this access to send encrypted documents regarding your application: poststelle@lasub.smk.sachsen.de
-> to the key: https://www.lasub.smk.sachsen.de/kontakt.htm

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