Victims of violent crimes, apply for compensation

Application for a benefit under the Act on Compensation for Victims of Violent Crimes (Opferentschädigungsgesetz, OEG)

If you have been the victim of a violent crime, you can receive compensation from the state under certain circumstances. The conditions are regulated by the Victim Compensation Act (Gesetz über die Entschädigung der Opfer von Gewalttaten / OEG).

The benefits in the case of violent crimes in the Federal Republic of Germany are based on the benefits provided for in the Federal Benefits Act (Gesetz über die Versorgung der Opfer des Krieges - BVG) and may consist, for example, in the assumption of medical treatment costs, but also in pension benefits for injured persons or their survivors. The amount of compensation varies depending on the individual case.

Damaged persons as a result of an act of violence abroad can (under certain circumstances) receive medical treatment and one-off payments in the amount of the recognized consequences of the damage.

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Service details


You are entitled to benefits under the Victims' Compensation Act if

you have been the victim of an intentional and unlawful physical attack (for example, robbery or rape) in the Federal Republic of Germany or abroad, andhave suffered damage to their health in the process.Even if you have lawfully fended off such an attack and were injured by it, a claim may still exist.

Entitled to claim

German nationalsNationals of a Member State of the European Communityunder certain conditions other foreign nationalsYou are not eligible to apply if

you have caused the damage yourself or provoked it by your behavioryou, as the injured party, do not contribute to the clarification (for example, if you do not file a complaint)Note: If claims under the Victims' Compensation Act coincide with other claims, the claim under the Victims' Compensation Act can be cancelled or reduced.

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Please submit the application for the corresponding service in writing on the form prescribed for this purpose, also note the information in the information sheet.

Call up the application form and the information sheet that applies to you and print out the documents.Fill out the application form completely, including the date and your signature.Send the application to the relevant office.The competent office will write to you and send you the other application documents.Application review and notification

The facts of the case will be clarified ex officio. The parties involved are obliged to cooperate. The administrative authority may

Listen to informants and experts,obtain expert opinions and official information andprocure or require that these be presented by the parties.With the agreement or at the request of the claimants or pensioners, the administrative authority may, with the consent or at the request of the institutions concerned, call on the medical documents, records and similar documents for inspection.

You will receive written notification of whether and to what extent you will receive victim compensation.

Required documents

  • Application form for the corresponding service
  • Evidence and documents on request


Application deadline:

Application for victim compensation within one year after the crime suffered.

Granting of benefits:

In case of existing claim retroactively from the month of the act of violence

If the one-year application period is exceeded after the offence suffered, benefits can only be granted from the month of application and for the future.

Legal basis

Law on compensation for victims of violent crimes (OEG)

Law on the care of victims of war (BVG)

Law on the Administrative Procedure of War Victim Care (KOVVfG)

§§ 78 - 86b Social Court Act (SGG)

Release note

Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Cohesion. 25.10.2017