Cosmopolitan Saxony, apply for project funding

Application for project funding within the framework of the state program "Weltoffenes Sachsen für Demokratie und Toleranz" (Cosmopolitan Saxony for Democracy and Tolerance) (Nr. 08300)

With the state program "Weltoffenes Sachsen für Demokratie und Toleranz" (WOS), the Free State of Saxony promotes and strengthens civil society's commitment to the founding principles of democracy and tolerance. Projects for the promotion of these values in Saxony can apply for financial support, advice and networking.

Which projects are eligible for funding?

Basically, projects and measures can be funded which

  • help reduce phenomena of group-based hostility towards people in our society, especially politically and religiously motivated extremism, such as racism and anti-Semitism,
  • strengthen democratic values and promote competencies for democratic action,
  • promote and strengthen tolerance and acceptance of different religious, cultural, ethnic affiliations or sexual orientations,
  • contribute to intercultural and interreligious exchange,
  • provide qualified counseling and support to victims of politically motivated crime,
  • train multipliers and experts and supervise their work in terms of content and methodology,
  • contribute to local or regional community-based networking with the participation of relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as relevant actors, and
  • initiate the sustainable development of innovative concepts for action by providing advisory and scientific support for projects.


Type of funding

Project grants for specific purposes (fixed-amount funding)


The recipient of the grant must contribute a proprietary share.

(eligible expenses: all personnel and material expenses necessary to achieve the purpose of the grant)

Note: There is no legal entitlement to this funding. If alternative public funding through programs of the Federal German government or the EU is possible, this must be applied for with priority.

Zuständige Stelle

Warum soll ich einen Ort angeben?
Mit Hilfe der Ortsangabe können wir die für Sie passenden Informationen, Formulare, Dienste und Ihre zuständige Stelle anzeigen.
Welchen Ort soll ich angeben?
Zum Beispiel Ihren Wohnort, wenn Sie einen Reisepass beantragen wollen oder den Unternehmensstandort, wenn Sie ein Gewerbe anmelden möchten.

Service details

Detailed information


Projects and measures are eligible if

  • they are carried out in the Free State of Saxony,
  • the majority of the participants are residents of Saxony, and
  • they meet the funding objectives and supplementary project criteria according to the guidelines.

Eligible recipients of funding:

  • Registered clubs and associations
  • State-recognized independent organizations
  • State-recognized religious communities
  • Local authorities including their own enterprises
  • Non-profit legal entities under private law in which a local authority holds a majority stake
  • Universities of applied sciences, colleges and universities of cooperative education
  • Research and cultural institutions
  • Providers of public schooling or state-recognized or approved non-government schooling

Excluded from funding:

  • Investment expenditures
  • Personnel and material expenses of the recipient of the grant, unless these expenses are related to the funded project
  • Expenditures for raising funds and interest for loans taken to raise the recipient’s proprietary share or for preliminary and interim financing

Grant recipients must not – either by their statutes or their actual conduct – maintain or promote endeavors directed against the existence or security of the Federal Republic of Germany, a federal state or the free democratic basic order (§ 3 Absatz 1 des Gesetzes über den Verfassungsschutz im Freistaat Sachsen/Law on the Protection of the Constitution in the Free State of Saxony).


Submit the funding application in writing on the prescribed forms in single copy to the Sächsische Aufbaubank ("Zuständige Stelle/Responsible office”).

  • You can obtain forms and information sheets for the application here via Amt24 or via the SAB's program page.
  • Fill out the application including attachments
  • Then print out the application and send the signed printout to the above-mentioned responsible office.
Attention! To ensure that forms and information sheets in PDF format are displayed correctly, we recommend that you use the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Further procedure

  • After receipt of the application, the completeness and conclusiveness of the documents as well as the availability of budget funds will be checked.
  • Eligibility for funding is also checked on the basis of the funding objectives listed in the guidelines and the supplementary project criteria.
  • After the formal and technical preliminary examination, the highest specialist supervisory authorities are involved, according to their designated area of responsibility.
  • A decision on funding is made on the basis of the recommendations of the WOS Advisory Board. The Department for the Promotion of Democracy forwards the final funding decision to the SAB. The latter approves the grants or rejects the corresponding applications.

Required documents

  • Application (form)
  • Spending plan and Attachment 1
  • If applicable: additional documents if the fields provided in the form are not sufficient

For the proof of use of funds


  • Project documentation
  • Status report
  • Proof of use of funds

If necessary, the responsible offices may request additional documentation.



  • By August 31 of the current year at the latest for a project starting in the following year
  • For a project starting after April 30 with a maximum project duration until December 31 of the current year: by January 31 of the respective current year
     Attention: Applications by the deadline January 31 are not possible for projects lasting several years.
  • For projects and measures that do not exceed a funding amount of EUR 3,500 and respond to concrete short-term regional needs related to politically relevant framework conditions, local events or empirical findings:
  • Outside the above mentioned application deadlines, up to 6 weeks before the start of the project.

Proof of use

  • 6 months after the end of the project period


Release note

Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion, with kind support from Sächsische Aufbaubank – Förderbank – (SAB). 17.06.2020