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If you have completed your vocational training and – as a rule – also have professional experience, you can obtain an additional professional qualification at the technical school (Fachschule). A wide variety of vocational training programs are offered at the technical schools in the fields of design, social work, technology, business and agriculture.

Graduates receive professional qualifications in the various fields of study such as "State-certified technician", "State-certified nursery school teacher", "State-certified business administrator" and others. In addition, depending on what the school offers, students may also be able to take preparatory courses for trainer qualification exams, foreign language certifications, master craftsman exams and other qualifications.

In selected specialized educational programs, it is also possible to obtain the entrance qualification to a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife).

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Service details


Students wishing to attend a technical school must have completed vocational training and, as a rule, already have professional experience.

In addition, special admission requirements apply to the following fields of study. You can get further information about these in the school regulations on the technical schools:

  • Design
  • Social work
  • Technology
  • Economics
  • Agriculture

Refusal of admission

As a rule, admission to the technical high school is denied if the applicant

  • does not meet the admission requirements.
  • has not been admitted to the final examination more than once.
  • has failed the final examination more than once.
  • could not be considered in a selection procedure that had to be conducted because there were too many applicants.
  • is considered personally unsuitable because he or she has deliberately committed a criminal offense.

Under certain circumstances, admission may also be refused if the application has not been submitted or has not been submitted in full by the application deadline.

Qualifying profession

In some cases, completed vocational training is required for admission to technical schools. Use the list of qualifying professions to find out whether your professional qualification grants you access to the desired field of study.

Crediting of part-time professional experience

If professional experience of certain duration is required for admission to the technical school, the corresponding specification refers to full-time employment. If your employment has been part-time, the required duration of the professional experience is extended accordingly.

Acquisition of the entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences

In selected specialized educational programs, the entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife) can be acquired. Students are admitted to the examination for the Fachhochschuleife

  • if they have obtained an intermediate school leaving certificate prior to taking the final examination of the technical school.
  • if they have received at least six years of continuous tuition in English at a general school or have acquired equivalent knowledge of English and have proven this knowledge in an exam.

if they have participated in the classes designated as "additional training for the Fachhochschulreife" and have not missed more than 20 percent of these classes without excuse.


For admission to a technical school, apply to the school of your choice.

Agricultural technical schools

In cases of exceptional hardship, the Saxon State Ministry for Energy, Climate Protection, Environment and Agriculture may approve that proof of meeting admission requirements for agricultural technical schools can be provided until admission to the final exam.

Attention: If you are admitted to a technical school, you must confirm your acceptance of the place in writing within two weeks of receiving the written notification of admission. After this deadline, your right to admission expires.

  • If there are more applicants than places available in an educational program, the school management will conduct a selection procedure for all applicants who meet the admission requirements.
  • The decision on admission is taken by the school management and you will be notified of their decision in writing. Admission is subject to the proviso that you submit any not yet available certificate at a later stage and that the appropriate classes are actually established at the technical school.

Required documents

An informal application is usually sufficient, but it is advisable to get information on the formalities of the application process in advance from the school administration. You must submit the following documents with your application for admission:

  • A certified copy of the certificate that proves that the admission requirements are met
  • Proof of meeting additional admission requirements that cannot be proven by certificates
  • Complete tabular CV
  • A statement as to
    • whether the applicant has already been admitted to a final examination in the same educational program, has taken part in the final examination and, if so, what results have been achieved
    • which technical school the applicant has also applied to
    • whether the applicant has already been unsuccessful in one or more selection procedures of a technical school.
  • If applicable, a declaration of the existence of exceptional hardship if admission to the school is denied
  • A police clearance certificate, if required by the school management

The following data will be processed for registration:

  • First name and surname
  • Date and place of birth
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Nationality
  • Type and degree of disability or chronic illness, if relevant to the educational program



Note: The application deadline for enrollment at the technical schools is set by the school administrations themselves. Therefore, please inquire about the exact dates for the application procedure directly at the respective technical school.



For information on tuition fees at non-governmental school, please contact the school in question.

Legal basis

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Besondere Aufnahmevoraussetzungen

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Release note

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