School district / catchment area, request exception

Elementary school students and vocational school students must attend classes at the school in whose catchment area they live. Under certain conditions, they can attend another school upon request.

Elementary school

Every public elementary school has a school district. All pupils who live in this district must, in principle, also attend this elementary school. As a rule, the school district corresponds to the municipal area.

If there are several elementary schools in a municipality or city, the municipalities and cities can divide their area into several school districts or leave the schools in a common school district so that there is a free choice of school.

Vocational school

Public vocational schools, including the corresponding public vocational special schools, have a catchment area. The size of this catchment area depends on the number of trainees in an apprenticeship occupation. A catchment area can be small (in the case of frequent training occupations), but can also apply to the whole of Saxony or the whole of Germany (in the case of less frequent training occupations). Vocational school classes must be taken at the vocational school in whose catchment area the student's place of residence is located.

Other schools

There are no school districts or catchment areas for secondary schools, grammar schools, the general-education special schools and the other vocational schools (vocational schools, specialized secondary schools, vocational grammar schools, specialized schools), including the corresponding vocational special schools. Here, the schools can be attended at any location in Saxony. The same applies to independent schools (private schools).


Grundschule bzw. Berufsschule, in deren Schulbezirk / Einzugsbereich der Schüler oder die Schülerin wohnt

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Service details


An exception to the school district or catchment area may be approved if there are

  • there are educational reasons for doing so (does not apply to attendance at a vocational school),
  • special social circumstances exist,
  • traffic conditions require it, or
  • the vocational training is significantly facilitated as a result.

The decision depends on the individual case. In particular, the reasons given in the justification of the application will be examined.


The exception from the school district or catchment area must be applied for by the parents at the school management of the selected school, i.e. the school to be attended; students and trainees of full age make the application themselves.

The school management makes the decision on the exception with the approval of the responsible location of the State Office for Schools and Education.

Required documents

  • for admission to the desired elementary school: informal, written application (a statement of reasons should be included)
  • for admission to the desired vocational school: application form (available from the respective vocational school).


  • Application for admission to elementary school: by 15.02. of the year of enrollment.
  • Application for admission to the vocational school: before the start of training

Release note

State Office for School and Education. 23.01.2017