Vocational school, registration

Vocational schools impart job-related and cross-occupational knowledge and skills in dual vocational training (apprenticeship). Together with the training company, they lead to a vocational qualification in a training occupation recognized under the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) or the Crafts Code (HWO).

Anyone who has left high school without a diploma or who has not received a vocational training contract despite having a diploma can complete a vocational preparation or basic vocational training year at the vocational schools. With both forms of training, compulsory vocational schooling is fulfilled. Pupils without a school-leaving certificate are certified after successful completion of the vocational preparation year as having achieved a level of education equivalent to attendance at secondary school with a lower secondary school leaving certificate.

School board and catchment area

Vocational schools in the Free State of Saxony are assigned to the vocational school centers (BSZ). In addition, there are also corresponding schools under independent sponsorship.

Public vocational schools have a catchment area. The area covered depends on the occupation being trained. A catchment area can be very small or - in the case of professions with few trainees - it can cover the whole of Saxony or Germany. As a trainee, you must always attend the vocational school in whose catchment area you live.

You can usually find out which vocational school is responsible for you from your training company. Otherwise, a location of the State Office for Schools and Education will provide you with information.

Tip: Under certain conditions, an exception to the catchment area is possible, so that you can also attend another vocational school.

Point of Contact

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  • For dual vocational training: Your training company
  • for basic vocational training year (BGJ) / vocational preparation year (BVJ): vocational school in your place of residence

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Service details

Detailed information

Information on the vocational school locations for the individual training occupations can be found in the list of specialized classes:


Dual vocational training

If you want to learn a skilled occupation, you conclude a vocational training contract with a company. You complete the dual vocational training in the company and at the vocational school.

Basic vocational training year and vocational preparation year

As a rule, only young people who have left high school or a general-education special school without a diploma are admitted to the vocational preparation year (BVJ).

In order to attend the basic vocational training year (BGJ), a secondary school leaving certificate is generally required.

Second year of training

Admission to the second training year of the vocational school is possible if

  • one year of previous school attendance is credited to the training period in the vocational training relationship, or
  • the period of vocational training is to be shortened at the joint request of the trainee and the company providing the training.


  • For dual vocational training, the training company registers you at the vocational school.
  • For admission to a basic vocational training year (BGJ) or a vocational preparation year (BVJ), you apply to the vocational school in your place of residence.

Note: If you are already of age, you apply yourself; if you are not yet of age, your parents must do this jointly for you, provided they both have custody.

  • The place and the period for the application at the vocational school are determined by the school administrations themselves. Therefore, please ask for the details of the application procedure directly at the respective vocational school center.

Required documents

As a rule, an informal application is sufficient, but it is better to inform yourself in advance with the school management about the formalities of the application.

You must submit the following documents with the application:

  • the last report card from the last school attended (certified copy).

The following data will be collected for the application:

  • First name and surname
  • Date and place of birth
  • Gender
  • Address and telephone number
  • Nationality
  • Religious affiliation
  • Type and degree of disability or chronic illness, insofar as it is relevant to attendance at the vocational school
  • Place and date of commencement and termination of attendance at general and vocational education schools
  • f a vocational training relationship exists, the training occupation including the specialization or focus, if an employment relationship exists, the activity performed
  • name, address and telephone number of the company providing the training or of the employer
  • in the case of minors: Name, address and telephone number of the legal guardian (usually the parents).


Registration at the vocational school should take place by 01.08. of the year of school admission.

Exceptions for the basic vocational training year

  • Admission to the basic vocational training year generally takes place at the beginning of the school year. A subsequent admission can still take place up to one month after the start of classes, if proof of relevant previous vocational knowledge is provided, also up to 15 December.
  • Further exceptions are possible in the event of discontinuation of the apprenticeship through no fault of the apprentice (e.g. closure of the training company) in the first year of training.

Exceptions for the vocational preparation year

  • Admission to the vocational preparation year also generally takes place at the beginning of the school year.
  • A subsequent admission can take place until the end of the first school semester, immediately after the dissolution or termination of an apprenticeship contract in the first training year.



For information on the costs of training at an independent school, please contact the school in question.

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