Integration, Partizipation und gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt, Projektzuschuss beantragen (Integrative Maßnahmen, Teil 1) (SAB)

Application for grants for projects on integration, participation and social cohesion according to the guideline "Integrative Maßnahmen", No. 07722

The Free State of Saxony supports, among others, associations, charitable and religious institutions in projects that support the integration of persons with a migration background in all areas of social life and allow them to participate on an equal footing.

Which projects are eligible for funding?

Financial support is available for projects that promote

  • Helping people to help themselves
  • Social cohesion between persons with and without a migrant background in Saxony
  • The intercultural opening of organizations
  • The reduction of prejudice and xenophobia

Which expenses are co-financed?

  • Project-related personnel and material expenses
  • Personnel expenses up to the level of remuneration group E9 according to the collective agreement for the public service (TVöD)


Type of funding

Project grants for specific purposes (fixed-amount funding)


Not fixed (recipient's proprietary share: at least 5%)

Details: see funding module / SAB program page)


  • If alternative public funding is possible, this must be applied for with priority.
  • Complementary funding to programs of the Federal Government or the European Union is limited to the co-financing share specified in the respective program.
  • There is no legal entitlement to funding from this program.

Zuständige Stelle

Warum soll ich einen Ort angeben?
Mit Hilfe der Ortsangabe können wir die für Sie passenden Informationen, Formulare, Dienste und Ihre zuständige Stelle anzeigen.
Welchen Ort soll ich angeben?
Zum Beispiel Ihren Wohnort, wenn Sie einen Reisepass beantragen wollen oder den Unternehmensstandort, wenn Sie ein Gewerbe anmelden möchten.

Service details


Eligible applicants

  • Non-profit organizations, clubs and associations
  • Local authorities
  • Voluntary welfare organizations
  • Recognized religious communities and their subdivisions
  • Scientific institutions in cooperation with non-profit organizations or local authorities.

Intercultural competencies, language competencies of the personnel as well as references from comparable projects will be considered as special quality criteria. Regional cooperation partners should be involved in the implementation.

Excluded from funding

  • Language acquisition and orientation services as well as language and cultural mediation by low-threshold and volunteer initiatives that are able to cooperate with municipal or other non-profit organizations.
  • Projects to support municipalities in connection with the provision of job opportunities under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz, AsylbLG)
  • Investment expenditures
  • Expenditure for raising funds and interest for loans taken to raise the company's proprietary share or for preliminary and interim financing.


In a first step, avail yourself of the advisory services offered by Sächsische Aufbaubank(SAB).

  • You can obtain the necessary forms here via Amt24 or directly though the SAB portal.
  • Submit the completed application to SAB, together with all the necessary documents and proofs.
  • After SAB has checked your application, you will receive written notification of whether and to what extent your application has been approved.
  • SAB will pay you the funds upon receiving your proof of costs.

Required documents

  • Completed application forms (see "Online application and forms")
  • Detailed description with evidence of how regional cooperation partners will be involved
  • Proof of intercultural competencies, language competencies of staff and references from comparable projects
  • Proof of use of funds
  • Evidence of other funding used or applied for

For legal entities under public law

  • Municipal economic statement (application form 60552)
  • For legal entities under private law
    • Current, complete excerpt from the register (register of associations or similar)
    • Personal presentation of the identity document of the persons authorized to represent the company (original or uncertified copy/front and back)
    • Proof of secured overall financing (e.g. by submitting a house bank confirmation, SAB form 60261) or individual proof of financing shares


Application deadline

  • For subsequent years: July 31 of the current year
  • For project periods between May 1 and December 31 of the current year: by January 31 of the corresponding year

Release note

Saxon State Chancellery, Editorial Office Amt24; with the kind support of Sächsische Aufbaubank – Förderbank – (SAB). 27.07.2020