Register for kindergarten (three to six years) in a municipal facility

Registration for a daycare center

If you want your son or daughter to attend kindergarten, the facility should not be too far from your home or workplace. In larger cities, you can select kindergartens of all providers from a list that you can obtain free of charge from the city or municipal administration.

Contact the management of the desired facility to enquire about the number of places on offer and the pedagogical focus of the institution.

Registration generally takes place with the institution's management. For municipal kindergartens, this is the municipality, and for non-government institutions it is the management of the respective sponsoring association.

Note: If your daughter or son already attended the crèche of the same facility until his or her third birthday, the daycare contract will continue after transition to kindergarten and no application or registration is necessary.

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Management of the day care center or the municipal or city administration

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Pick a kindergarten that suits you.

  • Look for a suitable kindergarten.
  • Enquire on site whether the facility is suitable for your child.
  • In larger cities, you can register your children for several kindergartens. The municipal administration will determine which of the listed facilities still has a place available. Priority is given to children whose older siblings are already being cared for there.
  • Have your offspring examined by a pediatrician before starting day care and ask for a medical certificate.
  • The management of the facility providing care will need the medical certificate and proof of vaccination from you.
  • Before admission to a facility, the provider concludes a care contract with the parents. It contains legal agreements and in particular regulates the daily duration of care.

Required documents

  • Medical certificate
  • Proof of vaccination


  • Regardless of who manages the facility, an application is usually required 6 months before the intended start of day care.
  • Short-term registration is possible if there are free places.


  • The parental proprietary share amounts to a maximum of 30% of the personnel and material costs (legal basis: § 15 Elternbeiträge SächsKitaG).
  • The exact amount is determined by the municipal or city council in a statute.

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Saxon State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs. 26.03.2021