School attendance, deferral

If it is to be expected that children will not successfully participate in lessons due to their mental or physical developmental stage, the school management will inform the parents about the deferral of their child from school attendance and the reasons for this.

In principle, all children who are of compulsory school age and have the appropriate prerequisites should be enrolled in school. Individual educational offers in the school entrance phase, which take into account the respective prerequisites of the children, help to overcome possible initial difficulties. Deferral from school attendance should therefore only be the exception.

The year of deferral is not counted towards the duration of compulsory elementary school attendance (four years).


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In order for a child to be deferred from school attendance,

  • must be of compulsory school age for the school year beginning on 01.08. (6th birthday in the period from 01.07. of the previous year to 30.06. of the year of enrollment) and
  • at the start of compulsory schooling, not be sufficiently mentally or physically developed to be able to participate successfully in lessons.

Deferral should only take place if there are no indications of special educational needs.


A deferral of school-age children is only possible once. The school management informs the parents in writing of the reason for the deferral.

  • In consultation with the parents and the pedagogical staff of the daycare center, they will agree on suitable support measures.
  • The school management of the elementary school and the pedagogical staff of the daycare center are available for prior consultation.
Note: The registration of the child at the elementary school must be made jointly by both parents, provided they have joint custody. If one of the partners is prevented, a power of attorney and a copy of identification of the absent must be presented.

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