Registration of trades subject to licensing in the register of skilled trades

If you wish to operate a trade subject to registration as a so-called standing trade on a self-employed basis, you need to be entered in the register of skilled crafts. A standing trade is any trade whose activity cannot be attributed to itinerant trade or market trade.

Both natural and legal persons (for example, GmbH, e.G., e.V.) as well as partnerships can be entered in the register of skilled crafts.

You have the obligation to apply for registration in the register of skilled crafts,

  • if you operate your business as a craft and if it fully comprises one of the trades subject to approvalif you carry out activities that are essential for this trade.The trades subject to approval are listed in Annex A to the Crafts Code.

Tip: The Saxon Chambers of Crafts (HWK) offer comprehensive information on their websites about registration in the Crafts Register.

Single Point of Contact

For this procedure, you can use the service of the Single Point of Contact (Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner). They will guide you through the administrative procedure, take care of correspondence with all the offices responsible for your request and will be available to you as a competent advisor.

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Detailed information

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Suitability and technical qualification

  • The Crafts Code, ordinances and resolutions of the Chambers of Crafts and Skilled Trades stipulate further requirements in addition to the master craftsman's or engineer's examination (see also "Required documents").
  • No further explanation is given here because each case is different and must be assessed individually. For more information, please contact your Chamber of Skilled Crafts (HWK).
  • RestrictionIn principle, you may only practice the craft that is subject to registration in the register of crafts. If you would like to practice several crafts subject to licensing, you usually need a registration for each of these crafts subject to licensing.However, you are also permitted to carry out work in other trades subject to registration.

Prerequisite: There must be a technical or professional connection or an economic complement between the craft practiced and the other craft subject to licensing.


Please note that you must notify your competent Chamber of Skilled Crafts of the commencement of a craft subject to registration immediately after registering your business.

  • You submit the application for entry in the register of skilled crafts in person or in writing to your competent chamber of skilled crafts (HWK) or via the single point of contact (EA); depending on the offer, you can access the application form on the Internet.
  • If you submit the application in writing, you must enclose the documents to be submitted - depending on the chamber - as copies, certified copies or the originals.

Tip: Contact your Chamber of Crafts at an early stage to find out about the procedure and the documents that are required in your specific case ("Required documents").

Handicrafts card

Registration in the Handicrafts Register is associated with the issue of a Handicrafts Card. With the craftsman's card, you can later legitimize yourself as a registered craftsman's business.

Required documents

For registration as owner or proprietor of a craft business subject to licensing (applies to natural persons, legal entities and partnerships), proof of authorization is required in all cases:

  • Master craftsman's examination certificate of the owner or manager for the craft practiced or for a related craft subject to approval, or
  • Diploma or degree certificate of the owner or manager (in the case of engineers and graduates of technical universities and of state or state-recognized technical colleges for technology and design) or
  • Authorization to practice or exemption permit for the owner or manager (registration without a master craftsman's examination).

In addition, the Chambers of Crafts may require the following documents, for example:

  • current identity card or passport with current registration confirmation
  • valid certificate of residence without conditions for foreigners, unless they are EU nationals
  • Shareholders' agreement



For registration in the register of skilled crafts, fees are charged according to the schedule of fees of the respective chamber of skilled crafts.


If a master craftsman's examination or an examination equivalent to it is not available for the craft practiced, you or your company manager can apply for an authorization to practice or an exemption permit.

Authorization to practice

  • for journeymen with at least six years of practical experience in the craft, including at least four years in a managerial position; exceptions are the chimney sweep trade and the health trades of optician, hearing aid acoustician, orthopedic shoemaker, orthopedic technician and dental technician (authorization to practice according to § 7b Handwerksordnung/HwO (German Crafts Code)).

Exemption permit

  • if there is an exceptional reason and proof of knowledge and skills equivalent to those of a master craftsman in accordance with § 8 of the Crafts Code (HwO) oras a national of an EU or EEA member state and with proof of the corresponding qualification according to § 9 Crafts Code (HwO).
  • You or your company manager must apply to the relevant Chamber of Crafts for an exemption from registration in the Register of Crafts.

Note: Only the legally valid authorization to practice or the exemption permit and the entry in the register of skilled crafts - not already the application - entitle to practice the craft.

Legal basis

  • § 1 Handwerksordnung (HwO) – zulassungspflichtiges Handwerk; Eintragung in die Handwerksrolle
  • § 6 Handwerksordnung (HwO) – Handwerksrolle
  • § 7 Handwerksordnung (HwO) – (Eintragsvoraussetzungen in die Handwerksrolle
  • § 7 a Handwerksordnung (HwO) – Ausübungsberechtigung für andere zulassungspflichtige Handwerke
  • § 7 b Handwerksordnung (HwO) – Ausübungsberechtigung für Gesellen mit Berufserfahrung
  • § 8 Handwerksordnung (HwO) – Ausnahmebewilligung
  • § 9 Handwerksordnung (HwO) – Ausnahmebewilligung für ausländische Bürger
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