Health care profession, apply for permission to use the professional title

Permission to practice as a geriatric nurse, dietician, occupational therapist, midwife / maternity nurse, health and nursing assistant, speech therapist, masseur / medical bath attendant, emergency paramedic, orthoptist, pharmaceutical technical assistant, physiotherapist, podiatrist, technical assistant in medicine.

If you would like to work in a specific health profession in Germany without restriction, you need a state permit. The permit entitles you to use the corresponding job title and to practice the profession.

For a list of health professions requiring a permit, see " Detailed information".

Foreign professional qualifications

If you have acquired your professional qualification abroad, the competent authority will check whether your qualification is equivalent to the corresponding German qualification. You will only be granted a permit if your training is recognized as equivalent.

Temporary exercise of profession

Nationals of the European Union or the European Economic Area who wish to work only temporarily and occasionally in Germany do not require a state permit. However, you must report your activity to the competent office. Further information can be obtained from the competent office.

Single Point of Contact

For this procedure, you can use the service of the Single Point of Contact (Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner). They will guide you through the administrative procedure, take care of correspondence with all the offices responsible for your request and will be available to you as a competent advisor.

Onlineantrag und Formulare

Zuständige Stelle

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Mit Hilfe der Ortsangabe können wir die für Sie passenden Informationen, Formulare, Dienste und Ihre zuständige Stelle anzeigen.
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Service details


Professional qualification

Personal qualifications:

  • personal reliability
  • health suitability
  • Sufficient knowledge of the German language:
    • Speech therapist: at least level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
    • otherwise: at least level B2


Apply for permission to practice in writing on the prescribed form. The competent office will advise you on how to apply.

  • You can obtain the application forms from the responsible office or here via Amt24.
  • Complete the application in full and compile the required supporting documents.
  • Submit the complete application documents to the competent authority
  • The competent authority will examine your application; if the requirements for practicing the profession are met, you will receive a certificate of authorization.

Required documents

  • Completed application form
  • Documents and proofs

You will find a detailed list of all required proofs and documents in the application form; if necessary, the responsible office will request additional documents from you.

Note: Please send only certified copies and never original documents.


  • Administrative fee: EUR 44.00
  • Expenses

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