Apply for licensure as a pharmacist

Application for licensure according to § 2 of the Law on the Practice of Dentistry (ZHG)

In order to practice as a pharmacist, you must have the appropriate license. In Saxony, the application is submitted to the State Head Office (Landesdirektion).

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You have successfully passed the Pharmaceutical Examination.


Submit your application for licensure in writing on the designated form.

  • Submit the application documents to the responsible office.
  • The office confirms receipt of the application and informs you which documents may still be missing.
  • In the event of a positive examination, the licensure certificate will be issued and handed over to you against acknowledgement of receipt or sent to you by post.

Required documents

  • a brief CV
  • birth certificate, in the case of married persons or registered partners also the marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • proof of identity
  • a police clearance certificate, issued no earlier than one month prior to submission of your application
  • a statement as to whether you are the subject of criminal proceedings or a preliminary investigation by the public prosecutor's office
  • a medical certificate, not older than one month, stating that you are fit to exercise the profession
  • the certificate confirming that you have passed the Pharmaceutical Examination.
Note: If the certificates are not issued in German, you also have to submit an officially certified translation. The responsible office may require the submission of further proof, in particular concerning the authenticity of the documents submitted and previous professional activity.

Release note

Saxony State Head Office, Referat 22. 09.03.2021