Changing vehicle documentation (within the licensing area)

If you have purchased a car which was previously registered in your place of residence or work, the documentation for this needs to be transferred over to you.

Note: Since 2005-10-01, the old vehicle documentation has been replaced with new registration certificates.

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Service details


Before you amend your vehicle documentation in the event of relocation, you must have de-registered from your previous municipality / registered with your new municipality.



As owner, you are responsible for requesting amendment of your vehicle’s documentation from the relevant licensing authority. You can also issue a representative (e.g. your car dealer) with a written power of attorney. It is important here that the power of attorney contains your consent to advising the authorised representative of the vehicle tax-related data.

Preferred licence number

If you have a preferred licence number, you can reserve this before the amendment in person, in writing, by telephone or online, depending on the licensing authority’s facilities.

Validation of the licence number

Once the documents have been cleared for transfer, the licence plates are labelled, i.e. given stickers for the general inspection and licensing area.

Required documents

Note: As you will be receiving high-quality, forgery-proof registration certificates, provide the registration authority with the originals or certified copies of your personal or business documents. Simple copies are generally inadequate.

Insurance certificate

You can obtain the insurance certificate for the third-party liability insurance from the insurance company of your choice. In most cases, you can request the insurance certificate by telephone from your insurance company.

It comprises a completed paper template (formerly called: "Doppelkarte" (provisional insurance card)) or a seven-digit string (so-called electronic insurance confirmation, "eVB"), which allows the insurance data from the insurance company to be retrieved, assessed and recorded in the vehicle register by the registration authority.

Licence number plates

If you need new licence number plates (e.g. for a preferred licence number), you can have these made during the documentation transfer process. To do this, contact the private providers which are normally located near the registration authorities. The costs for the number plates are not included in the fees of the registration authority.

  • Valid ID card or passport with current certificate of registration
  • If being represented, the following are also required:
    • Written power of attorney (for approval and publication of any existing vehicle tax)
    • The authorised representative’s ID card or passport with latest certificate of registration
  • For companies:
    • Natural person: business registration
    • Legal entities: business registration and commercial register extract
    • Company under civil law (GbR): articles of association and power of attorney for authorised signatures as per the contract
  • For minors the following are also required:
    • Written power of attorney of the legal guardian, as well as their ID card
  • Registration certificate Part I or vehicle registration document
  • Registration certificate Part II or vehicle title document
  • If applicable, proof of the general inspection (HU - Hauptuntersuchung) and exhaust emissions test (AU - Abgasuntersuchung)
  • Additionally if a vehicle has been taken off the road:
    • Deregistration certificate, if the car was taken off the road before 2005-10-01
    • Old unlabelled licence plates (if the licence plates are to be reused)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Additionally if you would like a preferred licence number
    • Old licence number
    • Confirmation of reservation for the preferred licence number


  • With new, harmonised vehicle documentation:
    • EUR 18.60
      (The fees increase by EUR 5.10 and EUR 1.00 if a new registration certificate part II is required.)
  • With old vehicle documentation:
    • EUR 24.70
  • For a preferred licence number: an extra
    • EUR 2.60 for an advance reservation (if applicable)
    • EUR 10.20 for assigning the preferred licence number
  • If it is not possible to retrieve the vehicle data from the Federal Office for Motor Vehicles and it is not available in the local vehicle register: an extra EUR 15.30
  • If adhesive seals are used: an extra EUR 0.30 per unit
  • If the vehicle title document is lodged with the registration authority by the bank: an additional charge of up to EUR 20.40
  • If a technical change is made at the same time: an extra EUR 10.20

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